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Multidimensional educational goals in international Large-Scale Assessments: Conceptualization, development and determining conditions in the context of STEM subjects

Prof Dr. Anja Schiepe-Tiska, Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin TUM

The publication-based habilitation investigates the implementation and assessment of multidimensional educational goals in international large-scale assessments using the example of the Programme for International Student Assessments (PISA). For Germany, these goals are examined and compared internationally with other educational systems. Furthermore, the relations with effects of the context such as the institution or class composition as well as quality characteristics of teaching - as central conditions for achieving multidimensional educational goals - are examined. The focus of the analyses is on mathematics and science. Both subjects are important for the active and independent participation in today's culture shaped by globalization, technological change and digitalization. In addition, careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) offer good job opportunities for the future and it is important to interest capable young people in these areas.

The habilitation combines educational science perspectives and educational psychology perspectives of research on teaching and learning. On the one hand, normatively influenced frameworks of international comparative studies such as PISA are discussed, that are important for the selection and operationalization of multidimensional goals in large-scale assessments. On the other hand, a more educational psychology perspective is adopted when high-quality teaching processes are examined with regard to different educational learning goals. By focusing on mathematics and science, the respective didactic perspective is also taken into account.

Fachmentorat: Manfred Prenzel➚Tina Seidel➚Oliver Lüdtke➚


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