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Der Studienorientierungsprozess: Schulische
und elterliche Einflussgrößen

Sarah Reinhold, Research associate

The dissertation project by Sarah Reinhold has two main goals: (1) systematically review existing research on the relationship between school factors and student aspirations in STEM fields and to (2) empirically investigate the theoretical model derived from reviewing existing research models as well as influences of parents’ educational backgrounds on students’ orientation processes (keyword first-generation students). The dissertation project has been part of the research project Schule-ProMINT, carried out at the Zentrum für Internationale Bildungsvergleichsstudien (ZIB) and the Friedl-Schöller Chair of Educational Psychology at the TUM School of Education.

The first study has been published 2018 in Studies in Science Education:
Reinhold, S., Holzberger, D., & Seidel, T. (2018). Encouraging a career in science: A research review of secondary schools’ effects on students’ STEM orientation. Studies in Science Education 54(1).
doi: 10.1080/03057267.2018.1442900➚

Doctoral supervisorProf. Dr. Tina Seidel➚

Mentor: Prof. Dr. Doris Holzberger


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