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ZIB Academy 2018

The fourth ZIB Academy focused on the topic of "Causal inference with non-experimental data"; and was hosted by ZIB at the IPN in Kiel from 30 July to 2 August 2018.

In two two-day workshops by Prof. Felix Thoemmes (Cornell University) on "Identification and estimation of causal effects"; and by Prof. Stijn Vansteelandt (University of Ghent) on "Causal mediation analysis" the participants dealt intensively with various questions of causal inference. In a poster session, the participants also had the opportunity to present their own work and discuss it with the experts.

A total of 25 young researchers from 5 different countries took part in the ZIB Academy.

Prof. Felix Thoemmes at his workshop on "Identification and estimation of causal effects". © IPN graphics department


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