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As part of the international research project HAND in HAND, an EU-wide learning program for social, emotional, and intercultural (SEI) skills was developed. The overall goal of the project was to contribute to the further development of inclusive societies. The further development of the SEI competencies of students and school staff laid the foundations for a jointly learning school. Workshops in 8th grade promoted more tolerant and less discriminatory learning environments. The project team at the TUM School of Education contributed in particular through its expertise in assessment development and implementation.

Selected Publications

Kozina, Ana; Roczen, Nina & Denk, Albert (2020): Measuring Social, Emotional and Intercultural/Transcultural Competencies in European Context. Insights from the Policy Experimentation Project HAND IN HAND. Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL). measuringsel.casel.org/blog/➚

Vieluf, Svenja; Denk, Albert; Rožman, Mojca & Roczen, Nina (2020): How Do the Participants Evaluate the HAND in HAND Programme? Results of Semi-Structured Focus Group Interviews. In. A. Kozina (Hrsg.) Social, Emotional and Intercultural Competencies for Inclusive School Environments Across Europe. Relationships Matter. Berlin: Verlag Dr. Kovač.

Kozina, Ana; Denk, Albert; Nielsen Lund, Birgitte; Rasmusson, Maria; Marusic, Iris; Vieluf, Svenja; Jurko, Svetlana & Ojstersek, Ales (2020): HAND in HAND recommendations for mainstreaming social, emotional, intercultural/transcultural learning in European national educational policies and practices. handinhand.si/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/HiH_Guidelines.pdf➚

Müller, Fabian; Denk, Albert; Lubaway, Emily; Sälzer, Christine; Kozina, Ana; Vrsnik Perse, Tina; Lund Nielsen, Birgitte; Jugović, Ivana J.; Ojsteršek, Aleš; Rozman, Mojca; Rasmusson, Maria; Jurko, Svetlana (2019): Assessing Social, Emotional, and Intercultural Competences of Students and School Staff. A Systematic Literature Review. In: Educational Research Review. Elsevier.

Nielsen, Birgitte Lund; Laursen, Hilmar Dyrborg; Reol, Lise Andersen; Jensen, Helle; Kozina, Ana; Vidmar, Masa; Rasmusson, Maria; Marusic, Iris; Denk, Albert; Roczen, Nina; Jurko, Svetlana & Ojstersek, Ales (2019): Social, emotional and intercultural competencies. A literature review with a particular focus on the school staff. In: European Journal of Teacher Education, 42(3), p. 410-428.

Denk, Albert; Müller, Fabian; Lubaway, Emily; Sälzer, Christine; Kozina, Ana; Vidmar, Masa; Rasmusson, Maria; Marusic, Iris; Jensen, Helle; Nielsen, Birgitte; Vieluf, Svenja; Ojsteršek, Aleš & Jurko, Svetlana. (2017): Catalogue for the Assessment of Social, Emotional, and Intercultural Competencies. handinhand.si/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/D6_HAND_SEI-measures_CATALOGUE.pdf


Project Members

Denk, Albert

Gonzalez Rodriguez, Elisabeth

Lubaway, Emily

Müller, Fabian

Prey, Christiane

Sälzer, Christine

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