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Preparatory work for participation in international consortia for PISA 2015 and PISA 2018

Lead: DIPF

What was the project about?

PISA is an international comparative educational study, which is devised at international level and then adapted and conducted by national PISA teams in the individual countries. The German PISA team belongs to the ZIB. Aside from its national PISA work, the ZIB is also keen to involve itself in the study design at international level. The ZIB partners (DIPFIPNTUM) have therefore repeatedly taken part in the OECD➚ calls for tender for the international PISA study.


What results did the project produce?

The DIPF won the bid for designing the questionnaire at international level for PISA 2015. In close cooperation with the other ZIB members, the DIPF research group developed the questionnaire and influenced the study design. The TU Munich and IPN thus provided input for the questionnaire components dealing with science education and science-related attitudes and motivations, while the endowed chair at the DIPF (Prof. Goldhammer) developed tools for recording computer-related attitudes and skills and processed the respective international data set.

The DIPF’s PISA research group, this time in cooperation with the Educational Testing Service (ETS➚, USA), also won the bid for the main part of the PISA 2018 study comprising the development of tools, and the study design, execution and evaluation. The DIPF will continue to focus on the design and evaluation of the questionnaires, while ETS is responsible for the performance tests and overall coordination.

The success in OECD calls for tender clearly shows that the German large-scale assessment research is highly regarded at international level. This reputation is further enhanced by many cooperative research projects and invitations to international conferences.


Publications on this project:

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