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Individual and contextual determinants of grading in general education schools

Christin Rüdiger➚, Research associate at the Research Data Centre at IQB

The first project deals with grading disparities between girls and boys in the 9th grade. In order to investigate what are currently relevant determinants of inequality in grading in the subject German beyond competencies, data from the IQB Trends in Student Achievement 2015 has been analyzed.

The second project is concerned with the question of whether there is a differential relationship between the working behavior and social behavior of fourth-grade students and the subject grades in German and mathematics. For this project, data from the TIMSS 2015 and IGLU 2016 studies will be re‑analyzed.

The third project examines the hypothesis of a general inflation of good grades over the last decade, which has been frequently circulated but has not yet been sufficiently empirically tested. For these trend analyses, several data sets will be used and tested for changes in the relationship between grades and competences. School types or types of degrees and various major subjects are taken into account.

The aim of the dissertation is to replicate findings on determinants of grading using representative data from various large-scale assessment studies and, where appropriate, to identify further determinants of grading. The results are particularly relevant in the context of inequality research and are valuable for teacher training.

The results of the projects will be published in peer-reviewed journals.

Doctoral supervisorProf. Dr. Petra Stanat➚
Mentor: Dr. Malte Jansen➚



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