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ZIB Academy 2015

From 28 September to 2 October 2015 the ZIB conducted its second Academy on the subject of “Application of Bayesian methods in educational research” at the IPN in Kiel.

In all, 30 young researchers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland took part in the academy and were introduced to elementary methodology and application of the Bayesian method by Prof. David Kaplan (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Dipl.-Math. Alexander Robitzsch (BIFIE, Salzburg) and Prof. Oliver Lüdtke (IPN, ZIB). The participants used both R and WinBUGS software for the practical application of the Bayesian method.

Aside from the workshops, the junior researchers also had the opportunity to talk to the lecturers about their research topics and make new contacts.

Prof. David Kaplan of the University of Wisconsin-Madison at the opening of the first ZIB Academy workshop. © IPN graphics department


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