ZIB Education

Diagnostics of processes of evaluating, integrating and understanding distributed information

Lead: DIPF
Joint Research with: IPN, TUM

When searching for information today, various (digital) documents or sources are usually consulted. Relevant information must be specifically identified, correctly interpreted in context and compared with other information from alternative sources. This project investigates how people deal with these different types of information and which solution strategies they use.

On the one hand, it will be investigated how the measurement of reading literacy is influenced by certain factors. These factors include, for example, navigation requirements between different documents, since work in the field of digital learning indicates that reading tasks involving information from several digital sources not only measure reading literacy but also, among other things, basic skills in the use of computers.

On the other hand, log data, such as clicks made or time spent on individual web pages, are analyzed in computer-based studies to identify different processing sequences and, in doing so, to identify the solution strategies of individuals that are conducive to success as well as those that hinder success. For this purpose, in addition to a re-analysis of the log and result data from PISA and PIAAC, an additional data collection will take place.

At the end of the study, educational monitoring is expected to provide insights into the extent to which the requirements in reading tasks to take into account information from a variety of sources influences reading literacy. The work will also provide a basis for understanding how the various strategies of cognitive information processing in pupils can be considered when designing teaching and learning situations.

A student searching for information using a laptop. © pexels.com


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